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Medication Refills/TeleMed Visit

15 min|Price Varies

Starting at $35 per visit for up to 3 medications. $10 for each additional medication needed to be refilled. Our providers can issue refills for your existing prescriptions (except controlled drugs, such as narcotics) and send them directly to your preferred pharmacy. Traveling and forgot your prescription? Let us help you find a pharmacy near you!

Same Day Sick Visit/TeleMed Visit

25 min|Price Varies

Virtual Visit for your comfort & convenience! We provide care for most acute illnesses, from the itchy rash to ear pain and congestion.


Order and Interpret Diagnostic Tests

20 min | Price Varies

Convenient Virtual Visit! Starting at $30, additional fees apply for laboratory work & diagnostics. Our providers can order lab work and diagnostics for many common medical conditions. We also order and interpret titers for healthcare students.

College Student Health Visit/TeleMed Visit

15 min|Price Varies

Schedule us in between your classes. No worries if you are short on time; we have streamlined healthcare for you! Whether you need referrals, care for an illness, or reproductive health care, we aim to make the process pain-free and convenient. 


TeleTherapy & Counseling/TeleMed Visit

50 min|Price Varies

Be seen from the comfort of your own home! Our services include addiction counseling; weight loss support; tobacco, nicotine & vaping cessation; and behavioral therapy. 

What types of issues are appropriate for teletherapy?

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Family or relationship issues

  • Grief, loss

  • Transition issues

  • Stress from work, home, family, peers, adjustment…

Our providers treat the information you share in any counseling session with the highest regard for confidentiality.

ADHD Assessment/TeleMed Visit

45 min|Price Varies

Struggling to understand Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Our providers will walk you through the process from assessment to treatment options, with interpretation of testing results. 


Home Visit

45 min|$120

SERVICE ONLY AVAILABLE TO CURRENT PATIENTS. We require an initial telehealth visit for new patients/initial visit. Subsequent visits can be in the comfort of your home. In person care for your acute or chronic health conditions. Includes a full health assessment and exam as well as ordering any needed labs or medications. Currently available in a 25 mile radius from Virginia Beach.

Please note *Masks are required per state requirement*

Travel Medicine Visit

20 min | Price Varies

Convenient Virtual Visit! Starting at $30. Pre-travel visit that includes a personalized health plan for international travel, to include ordering any indicated anti-malaria and/or anti-diarrheal medications, recommended vaccines and immunizations for international travel. Personalized plans for cruises and domestic travel are available.


Adolescent Transgender Care

45 min | $75

If you are contemplating hormone therapy to suppress puberty, let us go over the options with you.  Our providers can order lab work and diagnostics, & treatment for gender identity disorder. Additional fees may apply for laboratory work & diagnostics. 

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